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At Casco Bay Organics, we believe in eating real. We commit to the produce we deliver. We support Maine farmers. We buy local. We believe in our community. We support our local food pantries by donating all of our leftover produce each week. We give back to schools and non-profits. We are marching with a purpose and we can not do this without you.

If there was ever a person who taught me to dance without my shoes on in life, it was a longtime mentor and friend that recently lost her extremely courageous and hard-fought battle with cancer.  Even in illness, she inspired those around her to treat their bodies better by consuming fresh, organic products. She was extremely fortunate to have an amazing support team that delivered her the organic fruits and veggies that she needed. Not everyone has that.  It is in this spirit of health and inspiration that Casco Bay Organics models itself upon. For her, for you, for me, for all of us.

I now make it my mission to bring you locally sourced, fresh and organic food to your door and to forge lasting, meaningful relationships with our friends in the Greater Portland Area.

I want to personally thank you for supporting Casco Bay Organics and our mission to bring delicious organic food to as many people in Maine as we can.

Eat,Drink, and Be Happy,


Jillian Hilton

Founder, Casco Bay Organics


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