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August 21, 2013

Time-crunched healthy eaters have a new way to get their hands on fresh fruits and vegetables. In April, Casco Bay Organics, a southern Maine grocery home delivery service, launched with a full array of organic and locally-sourced produce.

“There’s no contract,” says entrepreneur Jillian Hilton, who runs the business from a Falmouth warehouse. “You can sign up and pick your start date — weekly or biweekly. If you’re on vacation, you can skip that week.”

Customers order one of three size boxes, which they tailor online to meet their needs each week. Hilton fills each order and deliver the boxes on Thursdays.

When customers log in to their online account, they see the farm each item came from and how far it traveled in the form of food miles.

“Right now it’s 90 percent local,” said Hilton, 31, who has a background in finance.

Hilton says the most difficult certified organic food to find in Maine is fruit. Then, of course, there are items such as bananas and avocados, which don’t grow in Maine.

“I can’t get bananas in Maine, but people go bananas for bananas,” Hilton joked.

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Steps to better protect your food


PORTLAND (WPFO) -- On average, Americans throw out up to 20% of the fresh produce they buy. Jillian Hilton of Casco Bay Organics joined us on Good Day Maine with some tips for how to better protect your food and your wallet.



Unique fall produce from Casco Bay Organics




The deliverer: Local organic foods, from farm to door

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 By Kayla J. Collins

Two years ago, when Jillian Hilton was in the midst of moving back to Maine from California, where there is an abundance of affordable organic produce that is easily accessible, she had what she called a “light-bulb moment.” 

“I was at a farmers market every single day, and I loved it,” said Hilton, 33. “I saw the opportunity and the necessity, really, to bring back to Maine the option of flexible and organic produce delivered right to your doorstep.”  

Hilton, a former bartender and a “foodie at heart,” is the founder and owner of Casco Bay Organics in Portland, which buys 100 percent certified organic fruits and vegetables from Maine farms and delivers it to homes, schools and other businesses in the Greater Portland area. 

“As a woman-owned and woman-run company, I am proud that I was able to do that,” Hilton said of her business, established in April 2013. 

She said because she has developed close relationships with various Maine farmers, “we are able to give our customers a little bit of each farm.”

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Maine Roots- A blog about all things Maine

September 22, 2014

Just the other day, I began following Casco Bay Organics on Twitter (@CascoBayOrganic).  Finding this organization seemed serendipitous as this post was already slowly forming in my mind, and in its way, it is even better (easier) than a farmers’ market.  You sign up for a small, medium, or large box, which will be delivered to you on Thursdays filled with local, organic produce.  Sounds like a great service!  Their website offers much more specific information and insight about the farms they source from.


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Good Food! Casco Bay Organics



I've been getting produce this summer from Casco Bay Organics, a new delivery service and there is no extra charge for getting produce delivered right to your door! Nice. I've been pleased with my first two boxes at $29.00 each. I get the small box but there are other options. Go to to find out more

I've gotten avocado, all kinds of greens including kale, fair trade bananas, peaches, mango, tomato, and several more items.

Here's a blurb from this week's order email. We'll have peas this week and berries soon!

You get an email Tuesday, look at the list, let them know if you need any substitutes and voila on Thursday afternoon you get your order!

Sounds delicious! Not being a very regular food shopper and living solo at the moment, this is working out great so I eat more veggies and don't go hungry! I grow my own strawberries so I've made some sweet blender drinks with the greens and mangoes. Rock on CBO!


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